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Remarketing/Retargeting: Ads That Follow

Remarketing, sometimes called retargeting, is a feature of pay-per-click advertising that allows advertisers to display ads to internet users that have previously visited a website. It is a highly effective form of marketing because it exclusively targets potential customers that have already shown an interest in products or services.

How and Why Remarketing Works


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When a potential customer visits your website but does not convert (i.e. complete a form, purchase a product, etc.), an anonymous browser cookie is stored on their computer and a corresponding identifier is added to a “remarketing list” in the advertising software. The anonymous browser cookie is then used to track this potential customer on the internet and, through agreements with partner websites and search engines, ads for your website are displayed on the other sites they visit.

It is a highly effective form of pay-per-click advertising because we are able to exclusively target potential customers that have explicitly shown previous interest.

A Majority of Consumers Notice and Click on Retargeted Ads

A Majority of Consumers Notice and Click on Retargeted Ads

Remarketing Platforms: Google and Facebook

The two most popular and most effective platforms for remarketing/retargeting are Google and Facebook.

Through Google’s Search and Display Networks, both text and image advertisements can be displayed alongside search results and on partner websites. This means that, for example, after a potential customer visits your website where you sell organic pet food, by remarketing through Google’s Display Network allows us to show your ads while they research on blogs, forums, and other websites.

Remarketing on Facebook is also highly effective. Similar to the above example, the potential customer sees your advertisements as they interact with friends and brands on Facebook. There are 128 million active users on Facebook daily, each spending around 10 minutes per day on the social network (Source: Nielsen).

Dynamic Remarketing for Online Retailers

Similar to remarketing with Google AdWords, dynamic remarketing will display your ads to past website visitors, but with one addition: ads are specific to the exact product they viewed. When the anonymous browser cookie is stored on their computer and a corresponding identifier is logged in the remarketing list, we also store a unique product ID.

Later, when the visitor is browsing websites within the Google Display Network and your ad is shown, an image of the exact product, along with the product name and price from a Google Merchant Center account are included with the ad.

Click the link below to download a free case study from Google and Sierra Trading Post, and learn how Sierra Trading Post used dynamic remarketing with AdWords to increase conversions by 500%.

Download the Case Study

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