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How Good Does Your Website REALLY Look on a Mobile Device?

A ‘mobile responsive’ website is a website that adapts to fit the size of the display it is being viewed on. Not only do these mobile-friendly websites convert more visitors into paying customers but, according to Google, they tend to rank higher in organic search results. Without a mobile-friendly website, this means you’re setting yourself up for a double-loss.

So, how well does your website really look on a mobile device?

There are two easy ways to test:

1. Resize Your Browser Window
Simply load up your website, grab the lower right-hand corner of the browser window, and resize the browser. You’ll want to estimate the size of a tablet and a smartphone, both landscape and portrait.

2. Use a Mobile Emulator
The folks at MobileTest.me make it easy. Just type in your website address, select the device you want to test, and viola!

If your website does not perform well in these tests, ask us about Responsive Website Design and Development.

Responsive Website Design

mobile-responsive-website-designResponsive Web Design is relatively new development capability that enables developers to create a single website that adapts to different screen sizes. The display of web pages will automatically adjust to optimally display on a multitude of devices, yielding higher conversion rates from website visitors. Previously, website developers would create www.example.com for desktop computers and m.example.com for mobile website visitors, a method which has fallen out of favor with Google in recent years.

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