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Decrease PDF File Size for Email and Sharing

We recently completed a project for a medical clinic that hired WebSpeek to create a presentation to showcase their services and facilities. For this we used Keynote, Apple’s version of PowerPoint, and hired a professional photographer to take photos. After including the high-resolution images in the 20 slide presentation, it was almost 100MB. When exported as a PDF the file was in excess of 10MB.

The problem?

The medical clinic’s email server rejects emails with attachments over 7MB, which is not only a problem for us when delivering the finished product, but also for the clinic when they share the file with others via email.

Enter, SmallPDF.com.

The free service will compress PDF files quickly and provide you with a download link. There is no limit to the size of file you can upload or the number of times it can be used. Simply drag and drop, and then download the compressed PDF file.


While compressing the PDF with SmallPDF.com does slightly decrease image quality, we find it to be suitable for most cases. When emailing PDFs to email servers with attachment limits (Google Mail is 25MB, for example), this is a fantastic service to consider.

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