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Decrease PDF File Size for Email and Sharing

We recently completed a project for a medical clinic that hired WebSpeek to create a presentation to showcase their services and facilities. For this we used Keynote, Apple’s version of PowerPoint, and hired a professional photographer to take photos. After including the high-resolution images in the 20 slide presentation, it was almost 100MB. When exported as a PDF the file was in excess of…

Remarketing/Retargeting: Ads That Follow

Remarketing, sometimes called retargeting, is a feature of pay-per-click advertising that allows advertisers to display ads to internet users that have previously visited a website. It is a highly effective form of marketing because it exclusively targets potential customers that have already shown an interest in products or services.
How and Why Remarketing Works

When a potential customer…

How Good Does Your Website REALLY Look on a Mobile Device?

A ‘mobile responsive’ website is a website that adapts to fit the size of the display it is being viewed on. Not only do these mobile-friendly websites convert more visitors into paying customers but, according to Google, they tend to rank higher in organic search results. Without a mobile-friendly website, this means you’re setting yourself up for a double-loss.

So, how well does your…

Local SEO Business Directories


A growing percentage of people utilize local search results to find the local service providers they are looking for. Gone are the days of opening the good ol’ Yellow Pages and thumbing until one finds the provider they are looking for.

When it comes to improving visibility in local search results, verifying ownership and completing listings via Google Places is the best place to start… but…

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO Ranking Facotrs

Local SEO: Importance and Changes
A business’ appearance in local search results is an attribute of successful SEO that has become increasingly important over the past five years. During this time Google has not only invested in improving the quality of information being delivered, but the visual presentation has changed as well.

Blended Place Search was introduced in in the Fall of 2010…

The Evolution of SEO and Search

Evolution of SEO and Search

This week’s Whiteboard Friday in The Moz Blog featured Guest Host Danny Sullivan, the founding editor of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. In meeting with new clients we sometimes hear questions like, “Can’t you just write ‘bankruptcy lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, bankruptcy lawyer, … bankruptcy lawyer’ over and over again throughout the website? That’ll help us rank for ‘bankruptcy…

Study: #1 Ranking in Google Earns 33% of Search Traffic

Google Top Position Percentage of Clicks Chitika

A new study recently published by Chitika reaffirms that top ranking search results do earn the lion’s share of search traffic. According to a recent study performed by the online advertising network, 33% of all search traffic goes to the #1 result, 18% to the second, and it goes down from there. Here are some key takeaways from the full study published here:

#1 in Google receives 33% of…

Combat Ignorance and Misconceptions About SEO

SEO Misconceptions

Last month there was a fantastic article published on Search Engine Land about ignorance and common misconceptions about SEO. Misconceptions like…

“You Don’t Get Customers/Revenue from Search.”
“We’re Not A Big Brand, So We Have No Shot In The Search Rankings.”
“Why Don’t We Do Google Ads Instead? We Can Get Traffic Immediately Without All this SEO Business.”

40 Years Ago Today, The First Mobile Phone Call

It was April 3, 1973—exactly 40 years ago today—that the first ever mobile phone call was made. Dr. Marty Cooper, a then Motorola employee, rang up a long-time friend and competitor from Bell Labs to, according to Marty, happily inquire “if the call sounded good” on the receiving end. Believe it or not, the phone that Dr. Marty used would later carry a nearly $4,000 price tag and weigh two…

Calculate (not provided) in Google Analytics

Calculate Not Provided Google Analytics

There are several ways to look at ‘(not provided)’ in Google Analytics and, whether we like it or not, we no longer have access to this data in Google Analytics… or do we? We previously explained ‘(not provided)’ and discussed what it means, but what about calculating an estimate of which keywords exist within ‘(not provided)’?

** In this example we use fictitious values that are rounded…

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